Add intelligence to your network.

transform your network infrastructure with AI-powered automation workflows bringing it one-step closer to Zero-Touch. 

Our Solutions

End-to-End (E2E) service and network management automation

Self Managed. Self-Healed. 100% Automated with No Human Intervention

Low Code Business Task Automation & Application Modernisation

digitally transform the present enterprise architecture by rebuilding or updating to be effective in the upcoming or present modern environments.

Edge AI Applications

Sensor based future powered, Intelligent Edge end-user applications for connected systems, autonomous vehicles and healthcare.

Let your network take care of itself.

Automation is critical to digital transformation, yet orchestrating automated workflows, provisioning, management, testing, maintenance, and operation of the network, its devices, and its services can be a daunting process specially for complex network domains. with the integration of AI and closed loop automation, not only we can reduce human intervention and make network more efficient, but also achieve greater flexibility and scalability while simplifying services and operations and bring the cost significantly down. AI-enabled Zero Touch technology can make network - Smarter. Faster. Simpler.  

    Business Process Automation & Application Modernisation

    The existing enterprise application portfolio and legacy systems are most mission-critical from both a financial and operational standpoint. In order to truly transform a business into a modern enterprise,  and to realize the advantage of newer software platforms, tools, architectures, libraries and frameworks, that is more agile, elastic, and highly available, these legacy applications, features, infrastructure, environment  and platform need to be updated and rebuild and go through a new software lifecycle. AI powered intelligent process automation can modernize the architecture and help businesses become more agile and efficient.   

      Next-Gen AI Applications

       Edge AI combines edge computing with artificial intelligence (AI), by running the AI algorithms on local devices such as IoTs with edge computing capacity, and processing and analyzing user data locally and in real time. By bringing the AI processes to the edge enables users to save time by aggregating data and serving users, without communicating with other physical locations and ensuring security.  AI-powered edge applications can help businesses such as healthcare, autonomous vehicles, connected systems / devices etc target and achieve higher productivity, accuracy, and protection. by providing appropriate solution to collect, process, and easily access the data for their end-users. 

        Who we are

        We are  a team of Engineers with deep knowledge, and expertise of core network domain, automation process and enterprise uses-cases.  Our mission is to help our customer transform their infrastructure to 100% automated and enhanced with AI, accelerating their business growth and improve employee and customer experience and satisfaction .  Our founder Poonam Parihar,  has extensive back-end  devOps , and technical sales experience and strong understanding of  the issues faced by both Enterprise tech leaders  and engineers on the daily basis. We want to make sure solutions we build help our Business leaders and Engineers get best  at their daily work and efficiently manage  tasks, actions, and workflows with Automation.  

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